In 1984, as the ministry expanded, it  became necessary to begin implementing a ministry structure with effective leadership and governance processes to ensure ministry was effectively managed with transparency and integrity being key pillars.  A lot of reflection was done and there were divergent views on this, similar to Paul and Barabbas. Following intensive praying and several meeting held at the Nairobi Youth Hostels and Ufungamano, it became, like the case of Paul and Barnabas,  that separation was inevitable. It was decided to part ways with a few brethren remaining in Repentance Ministry. Following a lot of soul searching and weeping in prayer, Commissioners for Christ Ministry (CFCM) was then born in 1985. It was to be founded on Christ beingthe central focus and not on individuals.

The following years were marked with rapid growth. Beside the Nyeri chapter, another chapter was born in Embu/ Kirinyaga which expanded fast as many brothers and sisters joined, pulled by the love, humility and commitment and passion they witnessed among the ministry brothers.  It was during this time that a new passionate group of young people joined the ministry who included the Esther and Valentine Wandera, Samuel and Joyce Charagu, Steve and Margaret Kamau, Bernard and Sylvia Muchiri, Tabitha and Kibinge Muturi, Lucy and Peter Wangombe, Emmy Wanjohi, Matthew Itonga, Anne Muratha, Jennifer and Njiri Mwaura, Emma and Hosea Ngari, David and Harriet Waweru. Alice Wakiuru, Hudson Gakuo and many others. 

In 1987, the first ministry constitution was drafted and adopted to guide the ministry. The Nairobi fellowship was moved from Ufungamano house to Bible House (PEFA house today).  
In 1992, it was felt the need to separate the Nairobi Fellowship leadership from the main ministry and Nairobi Fellowship Chapter leadership was appointed separate from Central Committee. In the same period, the ministry which had operated under the Universal Gospel Assemblies of God church, became a registered entity as CFCM under the societies act.