A Chapter refers to strategic branches of CFCM ministry that are spread across Kenya. Although the

chapters have a chapter-based leadership structure, they are all centrally led and coordinated by the

central ministry leadership, through its Chapters and Training Coordinator.

Considering the urgency for the fulfillment of our vision and mission in the ever growing mission

grounds, CFCM chapters play very significant roles in ensuring we accomplish our God given mandate all

over the Kenya and beyond. To increase our ministry coverage, the ministry is working at opening more

chapters in other counties as well as other countries.

Chapters in CFCM are mandated as follows:

1) Handling CFCM missions within and around their geographical locations.

2) Enhancing fellowship among the ministry members within each specific chapter.

3) Undertaking relevant training as coordinated by the Chapter leadership and the Chapters and

Training Coordinator.

4) Working with the Chapters and Training Coordinator to recruit and induct more likeminded


5) Mobilizing and channeling their unique strengths towards the realization of CFCM’s Mandate,

mission and vision, including engaging in all ministry activities.

So far, CFCM has five chapters with one being just recently launched. They are:

Nairobi Chapter – This chapter hosts most members’ whose operations and residences are within Nairobi region and the counties neighboring it. The Chapter has its meeting/fellowship sessions every Thursday, from 6 pm-7 pm at Tumaini house near kencom stage opposite Reinsuarnce Plaza and live on our social media pages.

Embu/Kirinyaga Chapter – This is CFCM’s chapter that hosts members whose operations and

residences are in the Embu/Kirinyaga region and the counties neighboring it. It holds its

meeting/fellowship sessions fortnightly on Saturday evenings, from 4pm-6pm. These meetings

are currently being held in members’ homes. The link person is Mr. Douglas Mwangi, Chairman

CFCM Embu/Kirinyaga Chapter (+254 714 554636).

Mombasa Chapter – This Chapter hosts members based in Mombasa and larger coastal region.

Its meeting/fellowship sessions are held once a month on Thursdays from 6pm-7pm. These

fellowship sessions are held at Mombasa Pentecostal Church (MPC) in Mombasa. The link

person is Mr. Elijah Waini, Chairman CFCM Mombasa Chapter (+254 727 588353)

Nakuru Chapter - This chapter hosts members in and around Nakuru Region. It holds its

meeting/fellowship sessions every Thursday from 5:30pm - 7pm at Pandoria Hotel, opposite

Unaitas Bank in Nakuru. The link person is Mr. Peter Chege, Chairman CFCM Nakuru Chapter

(+254 742 198985)

Diaspora Chapter – This is a recently launched chapter that hosts members whose operations

and residences are not in Kenya. Most of them are in different states of the United States of

America (USA). Structural development of the young chapter is still in progress.

Couple- In Cfcm we believe in the perfection of christ which also includes a fully fuctional marriage that is the pillar of the church and ministry. We believe in also bringing up remanants children who will continue with the work of christ in case He tarries to return. This is the reason the couple fellowship in cfcm exits. The fellowship seeks to enrich couples and famiies with knowledge that will enrich the growth and unity of the family. We endaveour to meet monthy and share on experiences and topics that re not limited to, marriage covenant, communication, respect- husbands and love to wifes, friendship, finances, intimacy, true love nd mch more.

Youth – CFCM as a ministry believe in mentship and passing the batton to the next generation for continuity of  the Gospel of Jesus christ. The youth department which is mainly active this far in nairobi accomadates all age groups of youth. They engage in youthful activitiees in line with the vision and mission of cfcm. They are led by a team of officals that are elected every year. Some of the ctivities the youth engage in, include kesha, praise and worship, bonding sections, mentaship sections etc.