About Us

About Commissioners For Christ Ministry (CFCM)

We are an inter-denominational organization made up of Christian professionals from different disciplines who have a passion for evangelistic work and who, in answer to Christ’s call, have committed themselves to go and reach out to the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

CFCM in the realization of the critical need to reach people in their teenage and young adulthood, has focused primarily on High School and college ministry where the need and results are greatest.


To be a model evangelistic ministry in soul winning and discipleship.


  • To make and develop effective disciples in fulfilling of Christ mission by encouraging, equipping, mobilizing and mentoring them using biblical principles as inspired by the Holy Spirit.
  • CFCM, in line with its mission and vision, has for the last twenty eight years engaged the student community through the Christian unions across the country witnessing great responses to the call of Jesus Christ.
  • Through Challenge week-ends, Sunday services, Fellowships, Training seminars, Counseling sessions and Career talks, the work has flourished driven by a desire to serve the Lord and the need to reach out to young people desperately in need of both spiritual and professional help